Keating Elementary School

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Principal/Head Teacher

Mrs. Amanda Wilde

Principal/Head Teacher Keating Elementary Schools


It is my pleasure to be writing this letter saying “Welcome to Keating Elementary!”


Keating has a very special place in the hearts of all Baker School District community members.  The smallest school in the district with anywhere from 20 - 28 students (Pre-K - 6th Grade), Keating is the epitome of the word family!  

Keating has flourished throughout its history due to its small numbers, its highly supportive Parent/Community Organization, and its commitment to academic excellence.  Keating has a blended classroom environment, utilizing two classroom teachers, an instructional aide, as well as a music teacher.  Kids are split in the morning between Pre-K - 2nd Grade and 3rd - 6th Grade.  The students come together after lunch for whole group activities.  


Because we are a small school that hosts Preschool through 6th Grade, we recognize the opportunities our students have to become leaders throughout their career here at Keating. The students take pride in helping each other,  and we are always promoting positive leadership opportunities for our students. We are all role models!


If you ever have any questions about our school, our community, our staff, or our systems, please do not hesitate to call the school or just stop on by for a visit.  




Mrs. Wilde, Head Teacher