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School Report Card

Dear Parents and Community Members,
The school’s annual report card offers a comprehensive summary of Keating Elementary for the 201516 school year. Academic achievement and a community-centered learning environment remain the cornerstones of success in our smallest rural school.
Staff will be implementing new math curriculum (Ready Common Core for grades 36 and Bridges for grades K3) in an effort to better align with the Oregon State Standards and meet the rigorous expectations in the Smarter Balanced State Test. In addition, a new diagnostic and intervention tool (iReady) will be utilized to help identify the needs and/or strengths of students in mathematics. A loyal parent community partners with the school to support the needs of students both at home and at school. Parents volunteer in the classroom as well as provide breakfast for students, who are not affiliated with the district’s lunch/breakfast program.
Achievement data: The new Smarter Balanced Assessments show Keating students achieving well above the state average in all academic areas. 85% of students in grades 36 met the benchmark in Language Arts compared to 53% at the state; 77% of students met the benchmark in Math compared to 43%; and 100% met in Science compared to 66% in the state.
Thank you,